Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Manifest Destiny III - Campaign Update

Remarkable!  In just 3 days we raised over $1000 for
Manifest Destiny III!

I wanted  to point out that for every $150 raised, above and beyond our goal, we can add another cheerleader to the performance.  So if you didn't get a chance to contribute, please feel free to do so - it will go towards expanding this project!  The campaign will be open for 13 more days.

Here is a list of all the fantastic funders so far, AND links to their projects online:

Sabrina Hughes -
Phil McCollam -
Robb Fladry -
Vincent Kral -
Chad Rabinovitz -
Vida McCollam
John Goebel
Emily King
Leslie Nichols -
Theo Schweitz
James Austin Murray -
Christopher Zenner -
Ky Matthes
Vincente Lozano -
Samantha Hookway -
Jan & Keven Mueller
Victoria Skelly -
Kimberly Adams -
Laura Mueller
Keith Thomas
Bruce Monroe -
Joe Iverson -
Mary Williams -
Neil and Nancy Jordheim
Daniela Mora
Ben Shannon -
Jesse Henderson
Vladimir Vukicevic
Mike Bittner
Erik Harmon
Stacy Holman Jones
Christine Pinney
Sarah Vanyo

Again, thank you!

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