Sunday, August 31, 2008

Video posted from Artery24

If you were unable to make it to Artery24 at The Soap Factory back in July, you can now check out a video section of my performance, Control and Death 2008, on my website.  The full performance was close to a half hour long, this section is only about 6 minutes long.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm a Featured Artist on!

Fun news!  I'm a featured artist on for the upcoming month.  Check it out here.
See if you can find me - I should be in the top row... YEAH!

Friday, August 29, 2008

1st week Grad school DONE & Going to NYC!

Well, I've completed my first week of grad school, and am sufficiently over-whelmed. I have a "Contemporary Thought" class that requires 1 full day per week just for reading the articles required for class (the professor suggests using Saturdays). I have a "Graduate Seminar" class that surprised us with a required trip to NYC in October (I'll get to that in just a moment). Then, there's the "Intermediate Drawing" class in which I am assisting a professor and a "Directed Study" course, so we'll see what fun surprises I'll be challenged with in my studio time. It's been overwhelming, but good - I came to grad school to be challenged, and they are definitely holding up their end of the bargain!
Tampa is a very hot and humid place right now (we're in our hurricane season), but I'm told time and again that the weather will improve soon. Other notable Florida items: there are little lizards everywhere, people are generally shocked and do not believe me when I say I don't have a car, and voter registration ends Oct 6th here! (I didn't realize how spoiled I was in MN where you can register the day of the vote)
Finally, as I mentioned before, I am going to be taking an unexpected trip to NYC October 9-12, 2008. If anyone is currently in NYC or knows someone there with a spare couch or floor space, please let me know... I am small, polite, and unobtrusive. I'm hoping to cut costs by finding some way to crash for free, or at a steep discount - any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sneak Peak of the show up in Canada...

Have a sneak peak of the Old School exhibit I'm in up in Canada!  After seeing these photos, I really wish I could have been there for the opening tonight.  Poo.  

Thursday, August 21, 2008

FLOCAS postcard almost ready to go...

I just finished prepping the postcards for the printers. Once they've been proofed, off they go! (let me know if you see any mistakes!) I'm pretty excited for this show. I'm learning a lot of important things about marketing a show in Tampa, which was one of my main goals in joining the marketing committee for this FLOCAS show.

Aside from this project, I'm just excited for school to start on Monday. I can't wait to get into classes again... and even homework! (I know, I know, I will be laughing at that line in a couple weeks, but for now I'm itching to get moving).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Searching for Maps and Globes

Anyone have an old globe they're itching to get rid of? Or did you see a ridiculously cheap one online? Let me know!

I'm also looking for pull-down maps similar to those found in classrooms (see pictures).

I'm searching for these and similar items for an upcoming project, so if you have any leads, let me know by dropping me an email ( or leaving a comment here...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Gallery on

Take a moment to check out the new gallery at
Control and Death 2008
These images are from the Artery24 performance festival that occurred July 5, 2008. I performed a 30 minute piece entitled, "Control and Death 2008," where I portrayed several characters simultaneously with the help of some crafty video projection. Soon I will post the video from the event.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm instructing YOGA again!

Good news: I was hired at the USF Rec Center to teach yoga on a weekly basis. As soon as I receive my academic schedule, I'll figure out when I can hold my 2-3 session/week. YEAH!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Technical difficulties...

So, being the curious web crawler I am, I tried using Feedburner on my blog and was quite disappointed with the result (it seems like a great tool, but not for me right now...) SO I have removed it from the blog, and hope that everyone that may have missed out on the last couple posts, will take a moment to scroll back a few posts or so (just to make sure you haven't missed anything fun!).
Feel free to leave any feedback on the blog, Feedburner, etc

Monday, August 4, 2008

"Wanted" -- One my latest acting endeavors

I'm in this little film, "Wanted," by my good friend Mike Forstein:

Directed, shot and edited by Michael Forstein. Produced and written by Colin Keith Thomsen. See more at

"Wanted" was a submission for the Summit Brewing Company film contest. He was awarded "Honorable Mention" by the Summit jury. There were three top prizes (which consisted mostly of beer), plus 6 honorable mentions, which means our film placed in the top 9 out of 45+ submissions. Not bad!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Made it to Florida!

I made it to Florida in one piece, and have started to settle in a bit. There's still boxes all over the place, but things are starting to get sorted out.
Here are some photos from the road trip down. Fun public art at Millennium Park in Chicago:

Additionally, I took some photos of my new studio space at USF:

Outside the studio building

A view of my studio space....

and again....

and again!
It's pretty empty looking right now, but I plan to get in there very soon to start plugging away.