Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Micromanagement at The Performance Art Institute

Awesome news: I'm going to be performing my practical preparedness character LIVE in San Francisco on Oct 15 at the Performance Art Institute.  Find the press release below:

The Performance Art Institute of San Francisco presents:
An evening of 16 experimental performance artists with an overbearing interest in their audience

San Francisco, CA – conceptual artist duo Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert present MICROMANAGEMENT, an evening of performative artworks by 16 artists from around the world. Artists participating in the exhibition include CNS (Mabel Negrete and Timothy E Robertson II), Jordan Essoe, Peter Foucault, Jennifer Gwirtz, Barbara Kristoff, Anya Liftig, Cheryl Meeker and Dan Spencer, Ellen Mueller, Naomi Sex, Ann Marie Stoehr, Merav Tzur, Kathryn Williamson, Kathrine Worel, and Gordon Winiemko

Micromanagement is characterized by close observation and control over someone else’s work, frequently accompanied by an acute focus on minor details, to the point where it often seems more an matter of control than the successful realization of a project. The artists of MICROMANAGEMENT will spend the evening “observing, controlling, attending to minutia, and insisting on results.” These artists impose double binds, they question our competence, they exploit our fears, they set us up to fail. Through performances, temporary installations, and sound works, the artists in MICROMANAGEMENT provide a dynamic evening of work that is compulsive, manipulative, overbearing, and always completely brilliant.

Ellen Mueller delivers a “Practical Preparedness” demonstration speech and guides the audience through the proper way to navigate a mob situation. Peter Foucault manipulates a small sensor-activated artist/robot using sound and percussion. Gordon Winiemko edits, rewrites, rephrases, and “micromanages” the efforts of curators Sean and Isabel, for a contribution that is in dialogue with the event itself.

MICROMANAGEMENT -- One night only!  Free admission!
Saturday, October 15th -- Doors: 7:30pm, Performances: 8:00pm 
(estimated running time: 2 hours)
Seating is limited -- first-come/first-serve.

The Performance Art Institute
575 Sutter Street
San Francisco, California

Friday, September 9, 2011

Return to Sender at Tempus Projects

I have a drawing in the upcoming exhibition, "Return to Sender," at Tempus Projects in Tampa FL.  All the artists included in this exhibit received beautifully printed square postcards, created a drawing or other artwork on them, and returned them to Tempus Projects.
Opening Reception:
Friday, Sept 16, 2011 at 8pm
On view by appointment Sept 16-30, 2011

Exhibiting artists include:
George Anderton, Kienan James Almeida, Linda Armstrong, The Art Guys, Bradley Arthur, Ariel Baron-Robbins, Neil Bender, Harvey Benschoter, Dylan Berry, Mikel Bisbee-Durlam, George Blakely, Tate Bunker, Roger Chamieh, Jeremy Chandler, Jiarra Chiang, Elisabeth Condon, Jesse Cregar, Suzanne Camp Crosby, Edgar Sanchez Cumbas, Shara DeWitt, David Diaz, William Downs, Ljiljana Edmiston, Lyman Edwards, Erica Ellis, Leslie Elsasser, Sarah Emerson, Zesch Fallon, Cor Andrew Fahringer, Becky Flanders, Kendra Frorup, Ilse Padilla Fisher, Jeff Gibbons, Edward Gillum, Joe Griffith, Daniel Georges, Gregory Green, Scott Groeniger, Allen Hampton, Holly Hanessian, Lisa Harasiuk, Tyler Jopek, Carolina Sardi, Mario Schambon, Don Sizemore, Rebecca Skelton, Ryann Slauson, Alexis Kleinbard, Ina Kaur, Gabriel Kudela, R Land, Robbie Land, Robert Lawrence, Rory Laven, Terri Lindbloom, George Long, Diran Lyons, Ann-Marie Manker, Lynn Manos, Cynthia Mason, Mark Mothersbaugh, Eric McCafferty, Ellen Mueller, Justin Myers, Justin Nelson, Ashley Niven, Kym O'Donnell, David Packer, Roger Palmer, Sam Parker, Kurt Piazza, Bianca Pratorius, Jim Reiman, Babs Reingold, Herman Reller, Jim Roche, Erica Rohman, Cornel Rubino, John F. Russell, Shannon Richie-Lindsey, Edwin Smalling, Brian Taylor, Joe Tsambiras, Kevin Tsoiasue, Rumi Tsuda, Nichole Van Beek, Stephanie Wadman, Kirk Wang, Julie Weitz, Theo Wujick SP, Rob Yulfo, Anthony Zollo

Friday, September 2, 2011

CNN.com 9/11 Ripple Project

Just wanted to share some exciting news! The CNN.com 9/11 Ripple Project is featuring one of my Practical Preparedness videos.

It is the 4th piece under "The Absurdity" tab, and it can take a moment to load.
Each day for the next 4 days, they will be adding more artists to the gallery under different topic tabs, so check back each day to see even more artwork.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Billboard Art Project - Chicago

Four detail shots of fitcilitators from Book of Enid will be featured on a billboard in Chicago IL between: 
Monday, September 26, 2011 at 12 a.m. and
Sunday, October 23rd at 11:59 p.m. 

That's four weeks of art interspersed among advertising at
East Bound Interstate 90 just after the highway crosses over Oakton Street. See map

For every one frame of artwork, five frames of advertising will appear. 
If you or anyone you know is in Chicago, I would LOVE to get a video and/or some still photos of my work up on the billboard. Shoot me an email if you think you can help: ellen@ellenmueller.com

Have you heard of The Billboard Art Project?
The Billboard Art Project LLC is a nonprofit organization that acquires digital billboards normally used for advertising and repurposes them as roadside galleries. Projects are held in cities all over the country and are open to all individuals and groups who are interested in participating.
Types of work that may be displayed include images created specifically for the billboard as well as images of previously made art adapted to the format. No two Billboard Art Project shows are alike; each city features new work.

A Decade On: Artists Respond to 9/11 at the Playwright's Center

As a part of A Short Play About 9/11 written & directed by Dominic Orlando, the Workhaus Collective in Minneapolis MN will be putting up an exhibit entitled, A Decade On: Artists Respond to 9/11.

The exhibition will be Sept 11 - 24, 2011 at the Playwright's Center. 

Artists include:
The opening reception for the visual art is at 7pm on Sept 11th, 2011.
The play starts at 8pm, and is funny from what I hear!  
Tickets are pay-what-you-can (suggested donation $18)
The play will be followed by a comedy after-party, with stand-up by Brian Beatty and “Paige & Erin: 9/11,” written & performed by Paige Collette & Erin Search-Wells, directed by Maren Ward.

2301 East Franklin Ave 
Minneapolis MN 55406

This exhibition is a great chance for those in the Minnesota area to get a glimpse of some of my Practical Preparedness videos.