Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving Sale - Art and More...

Due to the move to Florida, I'm selling EVERYTHING! (Art AND household stuff) Tell your friends!
All of these items have very negotiable prices - most of the stuff I just have to get rid of before I move (one week from now!) - Green Couch - Extension Cord on a wheel - George Foreman Grill - Black Filing Cabinet - National Geographics (VERY open to bartering over the price here - just need to get rid of them!) - 2 Ceramic Helmets - Circular Folding Chair - step stool - paper shredder - 2 large drawings - a lot of artworks that need to go! Again, I'm open to bartering...

Also for sale but not posted yet:
various dishwares/untensils/pots/pans/etc, iron, ironing board, and a TON of artworks (anything you see on is for sale - very cheap!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Minneapolis Series now available online!

After a month's delay, I have finally updated my Etsy Shop with a series of screen prints from the class I took at Highpoint Center for Printmaking this past April/May. The images are a touch fuzzy because the ink is iridescent, so I had a little trouble capturing them on film.
The exact links are Minneapolis I, Minneapolis II, Minneapolis III.

Note: these prints are on super sale ( only $8 each!) because I need to get rid of all this art before the big move to FLORIDA! Etsy will charge a shipping fee, so if you're nearby and want to buy one, just shoot me an email, and we can arrange a pick-up to avoid the extra charges. Enjoy!