Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back from NYC! (Day 1 summary)

Technically I returned from NYC Sunday night, so let's see if I can remember it all...
The trip was a part of my Graduate Seminar class, and this is a run-down of all the stuff we did for the first day we were there. (I'll post each day separately, otherwise this would get crazy long!)

- Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we saw the Jeff Koons exhibit
and the Giorgio Morandi exhibit.

Then, we went to the New Museum of Contemporary Art, where we saw Elizabeth Peyton's retrospective: Live Forever
and the 2008 Altoids Awards.

It was fun to see the Elizabeth Peyton's work live because she is in the "Drawing Now" textbook I used in an undergrad drawing class.

Thursday was kind of a short day because everyone arrived in the city that day, so after partaking in an amazing deli sandwich, I turned in for the night, exhausted.

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Tonja Torgerson said...

The roof of the Met was closed when we went due to rain. So we didn't get to see the Jeff Koon's sculpture. I am so jealous!